New Year, New Blog, New Location, Happier Me!

It’s April already and in a blink of an eye so many changes have been made in this new year. Last year God blessed me with the opening of Alldrin Photography Studio on Main in downtown Murphys. My studio guided  me and showed me how to grow as a professional photographer, helping me to focus and develop my brand/style. I met so many fabulous clients during all the mini holiday sessions, client relationships I can never replace. But as 2012 moves quickly into wedding season I found myself yurning for something more…..more? What more could I ask for? I’m a professional photographer who documents some of the most memoriabe moments in my clients lives and owns a photography studio store front in downtown Murphys. Because of this need for something more I decided it was time to move from the small town of Murphys and move my business to the bay area, the east bay to be exact. With the move I also decided it was time to give my website a complete facelift with new images, more blog posts, new products, new packaging and a happier me.

My clients back home will forever be the clients who helped bless me with my business and guide me to become the photographer who I am today. So this post is for you, all my loyal clients whom I’ve photographed over the years.

I’m very excited to share my new site design and layout with everyone. One of the new features on my site is the focus and dedication of the blog or what I like to call it as “my journal.” I’ve also added featured sessions, sessions that I have recently photographed. I’ve also added a whole new twist to the “about me” page. I got brave and had a very talented photographer, Jolleen Willis take self portrait images of me to better visualize the girl behind the camera and brand of Alldrin Photography. I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I do. Check back often for a continued story of my life, my clients, and my travels, all while continuing my dream of being a professional wedding and portrait photographer. So in celebration of my new year and new adventure I wanted to share a few images of the studio that will be dearly missed.


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