New Year Celebrations

What does the new year have in store for me? Is it focus, energy, and talent? I’ll never know unless I jump with both feet first into this brand new year. Most of you know that 2012 had some difficult times but those moments were by far outweighed by the good times. After Christmas I posted a short year in review, with some new year goals. These goals are set by me and for me to work hard to achieve. Although Hanna Jeanne Photography is solely my business I couldn’t even begin to think up new goals without my loving better half Christopher or my incredible family and friends.

It may be silly to say this -as I often make this a goal of mine every year- this year I promise x100 to blog more. Not only will I blog about my fabulous business but I also plan to blog about my life! My personal life may interest you or my business and photography may interest you, I”ll allow you to choose whether you want to read it or not. I think it’s important for anyone interested in photography as a whole or as a hired service to get to know fellow photographers. Get to know how they do things, learn, and develop their business. Just as evenly as it is important to learn about them as a person too.

So to start off the new year right I want to share with you my holiday adventure. I’m known as the girl born to live either on the beach or in the mountains. Snow and sand are two of my favorite things in the whole world that mother nature created. Any-who….I celebrated the new year at Kirkwood Mountain Resort where Chris and I enjoyed a”blue bird” day on the slopes. Kirkwood is one of my favorite mountains because of its pure size. No matter how busy the crowd may be there is always un-tracked terrain and long runs to enjoy. This was by fare one of my favorite new years, because I was simply doing something I love with someone I love. Can’t get any better than that.

Because I went snowboarding for the new year I wanted to share a photo I took last winter through goggle lenses with a basic point and shoot camera. Anyone can take basic fun photos with these things!


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