Kela and Sean’s Snowmobiling Engagement Session in Lake Alpine

This is truly an fabulous example of an engagement session that reflects the couple and the activities they enjoy doing together. Kela and I go way back. When I say way I mean since we were five years old. Kela and I lived across the street from each other growing up and became very close during our elementary school years. Sadly my family moved away and our friendship drifted apart until just recently. I’m thrilled to be photographing their wedding this coming June at Indian Rock Vineyards in Murphys.

When clients ask me what should we do for our engagement sessions I often suggest to do something that both of you love doing together. Kela and Sean loved that idea because they both have a passion for snowmobiling. With the winter season being so “lack there of” or non existent we were worried we would’nt get to shoot with their sleds, because the lack of snow. But with a wet and wintery March and April we were so excited to book their session right away as a few feet of fresh snow fell the week prior to their session. I had a BLAST!!! I forgot how fun it was to snowmobile. But the funny part is trying to lug around all my equipment on the back of a snowmobile, it was a hoot. I had a Warning…When you decide to shoot an engagement session in the snow on a very sunny April afternoon, remember to bring sunscreen with a high SPF so that you don’t get beat red like I did. (It’s been a funny story this past week explaining why my face was pealing)

Lake Alpine was frozen over and covered in snow which was perfect for a breathtaking backdrop to some of their more traditional images. Then the couple changed into their sledding attire and went with a more themed/styled time during their shoot. Just…..COOL!!! Remember I’m up for anything and going anywhere, especially when it includes snow.



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