Homemade Camera Luggage

Since my trip to Belize this past April for Teddie and Bill Fullerton’s island wedding I’ve been wanting to purchase just one camera bag that fits ALL of my camera’s and equipment. Before my trip I looked into purchasing luggage made for camera gear but the average cost for a bag was $350. That price seamed a bit extreme for a piece of luggage with padded dividers in it. For my trip I opted out of the luggage and carried all three of my camera bags (I will never do that again), still not wanting to purchase a bag for $350 I did a little crafty research.

I found so many other female photographers who have created their own camera bags out of their favorite day bags or purses so I’m taking that one step further. Why not create my own luggage? I know how to sew and if I get stuck I can always ask for help from my fabulous and ever so crafty mother.

I’m so excited to start working on my luggage bag that I wanted to share the process with my clients and blog readers. So that when I see you next at your wedding or portrait session you will see how cool my new bag is.

Today I purchased my “oh” so awesome grey chevron patterned fabric from (I might have a slight addition to this site).

Here is a sneak peak at the inside fabric pattern.

Keep checking back for updates on my homemade camera bag! I’m so excited to share it with you all.

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