First “Foto” Friday’s

Every time I photograph a wedding, family portrait, or any type of portrait; I always find one picture that stands out among the rest. This image might have unique lighting, a different angle, or express/share a certain emotion. This is my first posting for my new “Foto Friday’s” were I will share a different photograph each week that is my favorite from one of my sessions or weddings I’ve photographed. It’s actually very difficult to choose just one favorite from between 5-10 sessions/weddings I have throughout the week.

This week I chose an image from Carole and Bill’s wedding at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys. I chose this image because it has a neat story behind it. Carole and Bill are costing along in their 60’s and for their wedding they had all 14 of their grandchildren stand by their sides at the alter as their bridal party. Most of the children were of age to walk down the isle and smile at the camera, except for one. This three year old was their youngest granddaughter and she was extremely shy. I had all the other children pose for the camera before the ceremony and because this little one refused to, I had to come up with a cleaver way to photograph her.

The light was coming from a window in the bridal suite, as she sat on the ground all dressed and ready to go. Her older cousin was helping her put on her shoes and at the right moment I stepped behind her without her noticing and snapped an image. I think the image is very simple, making it the single reason why I love this photograph.


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