Baby Melody Will Be Here Soon…I Hope!

As you all know I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy and am due with baby Melody in the next two weeks. I’m so very excited about becoming a mom and the adventures it will bring to our family. I’ve been asked a lot lately what my plans are after she arrives when it comes to my photography! I often get a confused look on my face after being asked such a question.


Photography is my passion, love, and dream. I will absolutely continue being a full time photographer and mom. I can only imagine the inspiration I will receive from my daughter and I can’t wait to see where life takes me, my family and business in the coming years. I mean since I’ve found out I was pregnant I’ve started falling in love with newborn sessions. It could be my maternal instincts are already kicking in, who knows. But, I’m totally found a new niche of photography that I can’t wait to explore.

So to easily answer this question….YES I’m continuing with Hanna Jeanne Photography, in no way have I ever thought to not continue just because I’m having a baby! I’ve been so blessed with amazing clients throughout the years and I look forward to sharing a new “love” with you all.


Current clients, this is an answer for you. How much time will you be taking off after she arrives? The joy of being a business owner/photographer is being able to work from home. Yes I’m sure I will have sleepless nights/days and will hardly want to look at the computer screen for even a second, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to drop off the face of the earth for a month or two. I will continue to work on albums, edits, blogs, and more as time allows me to. Until I have fully recovered physically from having a baby is when I plan to start booking sessions again. Call me crazy but I have a wedding couple booked just 4 weeks after I’m due and I’m so excited for Sabrina and Nick! It may take me a few additional days to return calls or emails, just know that I’m not forgetting about you, I just had a baby!

I also want to take this time to thank all of clients who have supported me since they found out I was pregnant. I photographed two weddings back to back when I want just under 30 weeks and both Kelly and Richard and Jocelyn and Josh were so amazing, and not to mention my other half Chris who spent the entire weekend caring my bags. All my 2013 wedding clients were so accommodating and made me feel special even though it was there day. That feels so great coming from such wonderful clients. I truly love you all!!!!!

Last but not least, I can’t promise you won’t see a ton of images of Melody on Facebook, Instagram, and my blog…After all, I am a photographer. Here are a few images my honey took of me inside Melody’s nursery. I just had so much fun decorating and creating this space for her. It’s our favorite room in the house.







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  • Deandra WileyHanna this is so beautiful! You’re going to make such an amazing mom sand I can’t wait to see your little Melody through all your photos! We all need to actually pull through with a play date once all the babies are here!ReplyCancel