Anthony and Chloe’s Murphys Proposal


I’m going to admit it now, I cried like a big baby behind my camera during Anthony and Chloe’s sweet proposal yesterday. About three months ago I got a call from Anthony’s mother, Debbie, who was helping Anthony plan the awaited 8 year proposal to his girlfriend Chloe. There were many ideas of how Anthony would propose to Chloe but he knew it needed to be a total unexpected surprise. The couple has been dating for almost eight years and any women would have their radar on for any spontaneous trip, event, evening dinner, or date.

The couple are huge and when I say huge I mean HUGE Giants fans. Months prior to the proposal Anthony won an official wooden slugger baseball bat on a radio station. Anthony told Chloe that he wanted to get it engraved with the Giants logo so he shipped it offer for printing. Months go by and Chloe often asks “where is the bat, is it done yet.” Only if she had known Anthony had arranged to have it engraved with her name, May 18th date and WILL YOU MARRY ME? So Anthony’s plan was to take Chloe to visit her auntie who lives in Murphys and propose to her during their weekend trip. He had arrange to have a “fake” lunch date with her aunt in the Murphys park.

The day before the proposal Anthony got super sick with food poisoning and was scared if the day would even happen! But it actually worked out as a bonus on his part because he mentioned to Chloe that he would like her to drive from Walnut Creek to Murphys as he still wasn’t feeling well. A perfect excuse to be able to text his mom and sister along there way to have the site prepared and arrange for me to set up the perfect shot.

Anthony wanted this day to be about Chloe and also family and friends so many of the couples close family and friends were there anxiously waiting to sneak a peak of the proposal and then pop out to congratulate the couple. The whole family was excited when I arrived in the park and everyone had their part in the proposal. Whether it be calling Chloe on their drive to Murphys to ask what the couple was up to today or to make small talk all in preparation of their arrival. Moments before the couple arrived to the park Anthony called his sister to just ask her a random question to signal that they were right around the corner. So everyone scrambled behind a small building to hide from the couple. Her auntie met the couple in the parking lot and said “we are going to have lunch in the gazebo today! I have to run to the restroom first but you two go on over there and I will meet you in a minute.” The couple walked through the Murphys park and entered the gazebo where the bat was displayed around beautiful orange flowers. Anthony dropped to one knee and asked “Chloe Will You Marry Me? She was so nervous I could her her saying “shut up, shut up” as if the moment wasn’t real. But she finally said yes and Anthony slipped the beautiful round cut diamond on her ring finger.

Family then came running out giving hugs and kisses to the couple! This was a special moment and again I almost teared back up! I had arranged for the couple to then do a mini in-prompt-to engagement session in the park and late meet the family at Indian Rock Vineyards for a celebration BBQ. This proposal was so much fun and I can truly say that having a photographer there to document such a special moment is priceless. Congratulations to both Anthony and Chloe!!


Family and friend anxiously awaiting their arrival, hiding behind a small building.


Chloe had no idea what was happening. She was walking towards one of the most special moments of her life. If you look in the far background you will see her auntie peaking behind a bush (haha) she wasnt using the restroom.


 That face is priceless!






This is the moment right after she saw that family and friend were also apart of the proposal!










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