Hey There, I'm Hanna Jeanne

I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Northern California. I started my journey into photography at the age of 16. I’ve always had a camera in my hand and the NEED to document everything...


I have two beautiful redheaded children, and my small home is full of repurposed thiftstore furniture projects. I enjoy being sarcastic, having pizza and beer, collecting old picture frames, and wearing comfy shoes.


I paddleboard or swim on my days off in the summer, in the winter you will find me shredding the slopes. People close to me often say I’m giggley, energetic, passionate, creative, and excited!!!!! Yes, I’m one of those people who uses an explination point for everything.

If I was a Disney princess I would be Ariel. While editing you can find me watching TV or Netflix. I enjoy going to the movies - and I definitely order a LARGE popcorn with extra butter.


Oh, and I’m a pretty good photographer as well (haha) at least that’s what everyone tells me. I’m great at capturing moments, and documenting the world with all it’s surroundings. I bring out beauty in simplicity. You should definitely hire me, because I’m RAD. Did I mention I’m sarcastic?


Time goes by so fast, and I like to capture moments that will last a forever. Real and emotionally raw moments are my favorite. I am truly blessed to do what I love and that God has given me the gift to share it with everyone.”

How aM I different


I truly love what I get to do everyday! Not a lot of people can say that with their careers. When I first picked up a camera in high school I would have never guessed I would be documenting rad people from all over the world 16 years later. Yes I'm aging myself here. Capturing your memories and love stories is my passion. Years from now your families and friends will see images I took hanging on your walls, the artist in me loves this part the most. The fact that images I took are displayed inside your home is why I do what I do. every single day!

Free Spirited

I often feed off of others moods and personalities. Its a unicorn trait I guess. I love to surround myself with people who love life, who are in love, and are ready to take it easy and just chill. If you love listening to music, in a jeep on a mountain backroad, then we are going to be the best of friends.


Hop in the jeep and lets go. I'm always up for an adventure with clients. I have a huge love for nature and everything outdoors. Camping and getting lost in the mountains is what I enjoy most during the summer. You can find me snowshoeing and shredding the slopes on my snowboard during the summer months. If you dared me to jump in Lake Tahoe in the middle of winter, yes Id do it. Because........ I enjoy living life and experencing all this world has to offer.

Lets go on an adventure....

At the begging of every year I dream up a wild bucket list of locations I want to photographing in for the year. We often hear the term "YOLO" and its so true, you only live once. If my dream locations are something that you also dream of take pictures at, then lets do it. No destination is to far. Ive got my bags packed with my passport in hand and I'm ready to go. This years locations include the following:


Crater Lake, Oregon

Pacific North West, Oregon

Burney Falls, California

Joshua Tree, California

Utah Salt Flats, Utah

Olympic National Park, Washington

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hana, Maui

Mount Shasta, California


How do I book a travel session?

Its quite easy.... Contact me and let's do it. Obviously we work out the dates and logistics, but anything is possible.

What does the travel session include?

Travel sessions include it all, not just an hour of shooting like traditional engagement sessions. We explore during these sessions for hours finding the perfect spot in the perfect lighting. It may be a hike to your dream location or a drive down a dirt road. We explore and have a blast.

Will you come to other locations?

Yes, yes and 100x yes! Do you have a epic location thats not on my list for the year? Id love to hear about new locations and ideas clients have. Shoot me an email and lets chat!