The Price family are the perfect example of why I love my job so darn much. I have photographed so many major events in this families life. Developing am amazing relationship (friendship) that makes having my own business worth it. I am so lucky to have clients like you. Each year Cori lets me choose […]

The very first thing he said after their first look in response to Danielle’s beauty was “WOW”, then came the tears. That’s how amazing she looked. When a wedding day starts off like that, you know you’re in for a real treat! Watching two people like Anders and Danielle commit to loving one another for the rest […]

This year I celebrate 10 years in business and what a roller coaster these past ten years have been. I brought a dream to life through hard dedication, learning, sacrifice, education and pure LOVE of photography. This year I came up with a new quote just for my couples. “Photographing real couples who celebrate LOVE.” […]

It is no secret that I have had two babies in less than two years! Crazy I know, God works in mysterious ways. With two babies of my own, I get so excited when I see a pregnant women. I’m beyond happy for them, their life is about to charge in so many wonderful and […]